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Marcelo Bielsa

There's nobody like Marcelo Bielsa. Today, an anecdote told by Roberto Abbondanzieri, ex-goalie of Boca and the Argentina national team. 

In 2006 Abbondanzieri was recovering from an injury, when one day a hand written letter arrived at the training ground at Getafe, the team he was playing for at the time. Bielsa had written him a get well soon letter that offered moral support and was, "A wonderful gesture" according to the goalkeeper. But Bielsa had also been the manager of the Argentina national team in 2004 when they'd lost the final of the Copa America to Brazil on penalties, after the match had ended 2-2 in normal time. Roberto Abbondanzieri was goalkeeper for the team that day and Bielsa, two years later, couldn't help but ask him at the end of his letter of moral support just why he'd only put three players in a wall instead of four for a free kick that ended in one of the Brazil goals.