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The rise of bad debt in the Peruvian banking system

This morning your humble scribe read that the incidence of bad debt in the Peru banking system reached 2.47% in October 2014, according to the figures from the nation's overseeing watchdog body, ASBANC. That sounded like a record figure to me, so it was off to the ASBANC page to check*, and...

...yup, that's a new record level of bad debt in the national system. See a trend there, perchance?

As for a nailed-on prediction: It's going to get worse. And it'll get a lot worse when the lower scocioeconomic strata work out that it's in their best interests to declare themselves bankrupt and start over again, instead of paying the legalized shark rates for their domestic white goods that the rip-off banksters have been charging them. 

*if you care enough, choose the "colocaciones" option, then "morosidad" option. Then download the XLS.