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A message for Bob Stirling and for all of you

This is a post that's primarily a message for Robert Stirling of 12 Mossberry Lane, Whitehorse, Yukon, but it's also for the general public.

You are not anonymous on the web. You can get into a lot of trouble if you write the things you write in mails to other people (though I hasten to add that I, personally, do not give a rat's ass about what goes on in your tiny brain or what opinions you have on anything). You are a very stupid person if you think that hatemail is untrackable. And if you consider that a dumbass pissant blogger such as myself can find out a whole bunch about you in around three minutes (though admittedly with above average search skills) because that's how long it took me, just imagine what the NSA, the CIA and all their happy jolly pals know about you.

That's what's called due warning, people.