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Catching up with that Aberdeen ( versus Meson Capital fight

You say you wanna revolution?

Well y'know, we all wanna change the world. But I kinda get the feeling Stan "Oh How I Love Looking After Shareholders" Bharti isn't particularly worried about the imminent collapse of his nefarious empire. And yes, this is the story IKN covered on November 20th and so far at least, the house call is working out well enough. Wow, surprised.

You can check out the details of each of those stages in the NRs to date over at this Yahoo page, but to give the general flavour here are the headlines and dates from each one:

  • Meson Capital Commits to Improving Governance at Aberdeen International - Intends to Eliminate "Heads: Insiders Win, Tails: Shareholders Lose" Pattern of BehaviourCNW Group(Mon, Nov 24)
  • Aberdeen Corrects Inaccurate Shareholder LetterMarketwired(Thu, Nov 20)
  • Major Shareholder Demands Aberdeen Cease Pending Dilutive Private Placement to InsidersCNW Group(Tue, Nov 18)
  • Aberdeen Announces Portfolio InvestmentMarketwired(Fri, Nov 14)