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More junior drilling bullshit

Hot on the heels of yesterday's example of male bovine excrement dressed as news comes this morning's NR from Avrupa (AVU.v). This one's just silly, not wasting too many keystrokes on it, what part of the phrase "scam for greenhorns" do you not understand?

1) We're given this headline: "Avrupa Drills 126.5 Meters of 6.2 g/t Au at Slivovo JV, Kosovo"
2) We're not given any intersect info (let alone the other necessary info according to the rules these days, such as azimuth, angle etc)

3) But we do get this map at least:

C'mon, tell me how you get that headline from that map, considering that the discovery (term used loosely) is from hole 004? C'mon, dare you.