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No, Bolivia is NOT nationalizing the San Cristobal and San Vicente mines

When you get to the third mail received, something needs to be said. I've been sent this report by worried readers today, because it's from Bolivia's decent newspaper La Razon and says Bolivia's President Evo Morales would today announce the nationalization of the San Cristobal (Sumitomo) and San Vicente (Pan American Silver) mines in the country. 

It's false information.

The reason behind it all is the date, December 28th, which is "Day of the Innocents" ("Día de los inocentes", or sometimes "Día de los Santos Inocentes") in Spanish speaking countries, with innocent in this case meaning gullible or naive. The day works the same way as April Fool's Day (April 1st) in other places. 

The Nationalization thing is a joke, a gag, a trick and nothing else. Promise. Relax.