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The Friday OT on a Thursday: Fishbone; No Fear

Dedicated to Hurricane Arthur:

From the 1993* album Give A Monkey A Brain And He'll Swear He's the Center of the Universe, which is a very good name for an album.

*oh my stars that makes me feel old

Gary weeds out the media BS... that you don't have to. Nice job over at Biiwii here, as we see how a mainstream media business commentary idiot can flip from "Dow about to Crash OMG" to "Dow Will Run Higher for Years OMG" in less than two months, without skipping a beat or even hinting at bad previous calls. 

And there's more to the Biiwi post than just calling out the fools, so you'd do well to read it all here.

A Flash update...

...was sent to subscribers this Thursday morning, just before the opening bell. On occasion it's important to separate rumours or wishful thinking away from the realistically optimistic scenarios.


More Alex Frechette: The Scream, Brazil 2014 World Cup edition

Before the World Cup started we brought you news of Brazil artist Alex Frechette's wonderful protest version of Picasso's Guernica. Now here's his latest, riffing on Edvard Munch and called "O Grito de las Ruas" (The Scream of the Streets)

From here. Great stuff. Also, his twitter a/c here

The US / Peru Free Trade Agreement and generic medicines

It works like this:

  • In Peru, generic medicines exist as less costly alternatives to very expensive treatments against problems such as cancer, HIV/AIDS/auto-immune viruses, psychiatric disorders and arthritis.
  • If Peru's courtrooms uphold the petition it would signify a manifold price rise in many treatments. By way of one example, an anti-HIV treatment that currently costs around 500 Soles (~U$180) per capsule would cost the patient S/.7,000 (U$2,518) for the same treatment.
  • U$2.5k in a country with an average monthly salary of half that is no small amount of cash. The long and short of it; people won't be able to afford the treatment and will die (e.g. HIV) or have immensely more painful lives (e.g. arthritis). In the name of progress, of course.

One of the long-standing problems with unfettered capitalism is how it fucks people over just for the money, this is not new of course. But at least it's usually subtle about it.

Chart of the day is...

...the gold/silver ratio in 2014:

June's story is of a slightly better macro backdrop for metals and miners. Not good, but less worse.


President José Mujica of Uruguay's opinion of FIFA: "They're a bunch of old sons of whores"

Before leaving you for the day*:

After the Luis Suárez biting scandal, then the team's KO at the hands of Colombia, the Uruguay football team returned home and was greeted in an official reception by the country's notoriously badass President, José "Pepe" Mujica. When asked his opinion of FIFA by a journalist, Pepe said, "FIFA is a bunch of old sons of whores" (which is the translation of the exact Spanish phrase he used, "Los de la FIFA son una manga de viejos hijos de puta", but doesn't really do it full justice) as witnessed here.

Love the way he covered his mouth and hammed a "oh no what have I said" afterwards.

*I'll be in and out on Twitter all day though. Probably. Possibly.

Rabbit and pipe

Posting will be light today.

But don't fret, because here's a jolly drawing of a rabbit smoking a pipe.