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Avrupa (AVU.v) and geological interpretation

Your junior mining lesson of the day. Here's the pretty graphic Avrupa (AVU.v) offered us in its December 17th NR, the one that got everyone a slaverin' at the mouth about its new gold discovery:

Oh man, just look at all that uninterrupted purple/lilac mineralization bit. Money in the bank, every last tonne. Here's what that news did to AVU's price chart:

And now, here's the latest edition of the same interpretation chart from this morning's NR:

You may notice that there's not as much purple/lilac on the latest edition. And oh, they decided to remove that "80m to 90m Au + sulfide mineralization" arm-waving. Funny that, innit?

Geologists. Bless 'em.

UPDATE: And here's how it opened today:

That nasty splatting sound.