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Breaking: The US Federal Reserve WILL hike rates in 2015: Here's the proof

Majority Of Kitco Readers Don’t Expect The Fed To Hike Rates In 2015
Of the 695 participants, an overwhelming majority, 526 people, or 76%, responded that the U.S. economy can’t afford higher interest rates.

Kitco Readers Would Vote A Resounding Yes In Swiss Gold Referendum
Out of 353 out of 309 participants, or 88%, said they would vote yes; 30 people, or 8%, said they would vote no and only 14, or 4%, said they were undecided.

That was of course the very same November 30th referendum that finished 77.3% no, 22.7% yes.

Bottom line: Fading dumbasses rarely fails. Janet gonna hike it.