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First Majestic Silver (AG) ( 4q14 production

Here's the NR. Just four charts for you (from a selection of many more, I'll save the others for subbers and bore them stupid at the weekend). This one shows pure silver production, which came in at ~3.07m oz. Close to a record.

 ...This one shows silver equivalent production, which was nearly 4.25m oz and easily a new company record quarter. 

And that's because's previous proud boasts that it was the "pure silver" play are now well and truly confined to the past. Just 72% of its production is silver now.

But that's not such a bad thing. Hey, metal's metal, get over it silverbugs. We could go into each mine separately and there's decent reason to shine a light on the poor numbers from La Encantada (again) or the good ones from San Martin, but let's just stick with one of the component mine charts, Del Toro: 

That's because Del Toro kicked ass. And that's important for's future, they've got their new thing running nicely at last.

Bottom line: has stuck in a decent quarter and has justified its recent strong rally from oversold lows.