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(UPDATED) Mo' Allied Nevada (ANV): What this stock taught me this morning

It's written right here, on the five day price chart:

If I hadn't been kicked and pummelled into my default position of cynicism already I'd be astounded at the stupidity on show in that above price chart. What we saw this morning is a whole bunch of desk jocks, staring at headlines and thinking that's all their job entails, who saw the "Allied Nevada Announces Preliminary Full Year 2014 Gold and Silver Sales Increase 19% and 115%, Respectively, Year-Over-Year" header from ANV today and managed to wipe the drool away from their lips long enough to say "Oh golly wow, increases! And gold! And gold's really poplier right now! Gotta buy me some of those!" before the bell opens.

The fucktards who bought ANV this morning don't even know how to open a company's quarterly financials, let alone read them. Seriously, have you seen the shitstate of ANV's numbers recently? Now I'm ok with a speculative run on ANV in the type of rising tide situation we've seen in the gold miner market these last few days, the type reflected on the chart above. But how THE MERRY SEXUAL INTERCOURSE can anyone buy this company on these 4q14 production numbers

Therefore, the lesson learned today is: Yes, despite suspicions to the contrary there is still plug dumb stupid money washing around the mining scene. It is, therefore, my solemn duty to walk around, pick it up off the floor and place it into my own pocket and help the owners of the pockets of my wonderful and beautiful subscriber list to do exactly the same.

PS: The pps was U$1.28 when I started writing this. It's now U$1.24 and dropping fast.

UPDATE: Oh please don't make me do this, it's not good for the blood pressure y'know...Oh all right, just this once:

"But who gives a shit about your boring old balance sheets, dude? Buncha numbers. Haven't you seen gold's going up?"
"Grasshopper, you have much to learn, grasshopper."