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The B2Gold (BTG) ( presentation at TD Sec this week

Daniel Earle is still employed by TD Sec and has not been let go, contrary to an incorrect rumour going around on this Thursday morning. The rumour is wrong, IKN has the straight and official dope. This is good.

Also, Clive Johnson is still an employee of B2Gold and has not been fired as yet, according to our latest information. However Clive, IKN and its burgeoning mailbox can confirm that without a shadow of a doubt you're not as popular in the mining world as you think you are. And you owe apologies, too.

UPDATE: Your humble scribe has 95% of the dirt on what went down. Expect a salacious post later.

UPDATE 2: The salacious post

Meanwhile, we give you the prime footage from B2Gold at TD Sec Toronto this week