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Why anyone involved with the mining industry should read Jack Caldwell

Right here, his post today on Mt Polley ( Go read it now. Here's an extract:
"And the industry is revealed as NAKED.  The industry institutions protest in lame terms.  The organizations squirrel to sound sane, but reveal their prejudice and ignoble perspective with every new word.  The reporters tred carefully lest they offend (or get sued).   The government obfuscates and hides behind platitudes.  Even bloggers like me go careful, for the facts are suppressed, the informants silenced, the opinions attacked, and the threat of retribution ever-present."
If today's post is his idea of going careful, I can't wait to read him when he lets rip. And that's not even the best bit. Caldwell knows his subject backwards and takes shit from nobody, that's why he's a must-read.