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Guerrero political risk update: Nyrstar news on February 18th and February 25th

On Feb 18th IKN brought you this:
Mining Company Faces Blackmail in Guerrero 
Since November 13th last year a syndicate of transport workers has been blockading the entrances to the Campo Morado mine in Guerrero, property of the Belgian mining  company Nyrstar.

And today Feb 25th, one week later, Nyrstar brings you this:
25 February 2015  Nyrstar NV ("Nyrstar" or the "Company") today announced that mining and milling activities at its Campo Morado mine located in the Mexican state of Guerrero have been temporarily suspended as a precaution due to deteriorating security in the state.

And all that to heap on top of Torex Gold ( and its fun and games in Guerrero this year. But hey! Why not be contrarian? Why not be like Timmins Gold (TGD ( and its bossman Bruce B? Why not buy into the Guerrero region instead of avoiding it?

Oh yeah, that why not.