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Kombat Copper and Aberdeen International

THE OLD MINING ADAGE: DO NOT DO BUSINESS IN "THE STANS": Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikstan, BhartiStan.

The joke's not an original one, but it's a good'un all the same. Anyway, today we hear that Aberdeen ( took 10m of the recent 26m unit offering sold by Kombat Copper (KBT.v), which works out at 7% of shares out and 14% of F/D. The NR goes on and winds through this'n'that, but there's only one paragraph that really matters:
Kombat is part of the Forbes & Manhattan Group of Companies and pays Forbes & Manhattan Inc. ("Forbes") a monthly services fee relating to various administrative, financial and IT services provided by Forbes. The Company considered the monthly fee in its analysis of the merits of the investment.
And you thought incest was illegal, didn't you?