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Peru vehicle sales highlight its economic inertia

Another stat out today in Peru was vehicle sales for January 2'15, measured by the Peru Automobile Association (Asociación Automotriz del Perú) by counting new registrations, the normal reliable method. The number was soft so I thought I'd take a look at the underlying stats. And after 15 minutes of datadump and play, here are the charts:

The above figures are for light vehicles, i.e. cars, vans, pick-ups, 4x4s etc. They don't include motorcycles etc at the smaller end, nor trucks/buses etc at the larger end.

Unsurprisingly, the drop in sales growth to flat and then negative coincides with the fall in GDP growth seen in Peru, starting in mid-2013 with little respite. Also unsurprising is how this coincides with the fall in the price of gold.