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Updating on the Newstrike (NES.v) Timmins ( (TGD) deal

NES.v now unchanged since entering into its friendly deal "at a premium". now 15% down and sinking fast.

Me Told You So

No, seriously, me did tell you so on Tuesday when stating for the record "A very, very stupid group of mining people. If I were a holder this morning I'd be spitting mad, as it is I can relax and watch the fallout from the sidelines." As well as noting the meagre deal being offered on the NES.v side. It's one thing to argue the pros and cons of making share price upside the central focus of a mining company, it's quite another to treat shareholders and their concerns with absolute disdain. Bruce B falls most definitely into the second category. 

UPDATE post bell. I'm sorry, did i say NES.v was unchanged?