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What drives the royalty streaming model

Several unconnected and independent mail exchanges, all with different thoughts and angles, sprang from the SSP/SLW post of yesterday and I'd like to thank those mailers who took the time to write in. After cogitating on the back'n'forth banter, here's a synthesis of several points in one shot.

Name: Nolan Watson.
Company: Sandstorm (SAND).
Current situation: Lipsticking pigs.
Main fear: People start looking closely at the companies where SAND holds its streams.
Ambition: To be Randy Smallwood.

Name: Randy Smallwood.
Company: Silver Wheaton (SLW).
Current situation: Pissed that Franco Nevada is now bigger than SLW.
Main fear: People play word games with his name.
Ambition: To be Pierre Lassonde.

Name: Pierre Lassonde.
Company: Franco Nevada (FNV).
Current situation: Being Pierre Lassonde.
Main fear: Tabarnak! Pierre Lassonde has no fear.
Ambition: To be Pierre Lassonde.