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A new computing device

It's been a harrowing week. On Sunday, just before the Weekly was ready and sent, the office computer that I should have replaced at least a couple of years ago finally gave up the ghost and died*. A year or so of knowing that I should do something but putting it off, never getting round to it, general procrastination (and you know what I'm talking about here) condensed into that "oh crap" moment when nothing you do gets it going again.

Since Sunday I've been getting by on the reserve/travel laptop and running back and forth trying to get a desktop bought, the hard disk of dead computer transferred (without transferring 6 years of broken archives and hidden viruses), configurations and (of course) waiting patiently while the nice computer man explains the latest delay, what needs to be done and how much more it's going to cost over the original estimate. The good news: The new machine is now installed, as of an hour ago. Not only is it about a hundred times more zippy and whizzy than the old thing, it actually works and has all my old archives. Which means business as usual today. And this weekend.

They used to say marriage, bereavements and house moves were the most stressful things for the modern human being to go through. The 21st century has added another to that list, but it's all over now. Until the next time, of course.

*Pro-tip: Write to the hard-drive, but backing up important documents on a USB stick while writing them is a very, very, very, very good idea.