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Adjusting Barry Ritholtz for inflation and hypocrisy

Today in "Please Stop Talking About Inflation Adjusted Nasdaq", Barry Ritholtz begins his purple prose with:
"The last refuge of scoundrels is their blind insistence that all data points must be adjusted for inflation."

In October 2009 in "Gold (inflation adjusted)", Barry Ritholtz told us:
"While everyone seems to be all abuzz over Gold’s new highs, you should be aware that these are nominal, not real highs. 
"Adjusted for Inflation, Gold is nowhere near its all time peak — in real terms, its only about half its prior highs"
This one's for you, Baz:

UPDATE: Ritholtz replies:

There's a lesson for the mouthbreather goldbugs here: When you're wrong, admit it. That's (one of the reasons) why Barry Ritholtz is rich and successful and you're not.