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All the sexual abuse of South American children by U.S. military personnel that's fit to print

Greg Weeks asks a good question over at his blog today:

Yup that's a very, very good question. Click though and read more, including the F.A.I.R. report on the total lack of coverage of this subject by US media.

IKN adds an observation: Since the story was broken in English by Colombia Reports on Monday (kudos to Adriaan Alsema) and your humble scribe pointed your eyes its way via this post, there have been dozens of hits from many different US Defense Department sites, including Washington DC head offices and forts scattered all over the USA. They've been constant all week and it's the first time ever that the US military have cared so much about this backwater site.

Something to hide, officer? Something you don't want the world to read there, soldier?

PS: To repeat and underscore: This important story of U.S military raping at least 54 Colombians between the years 2003 and 2007 including underage girls (which is getting plenty of coverage down this end of the Americas landmass) was broken by Colombia Reports in this note on Monday. The site and its editor, Adriaan Alsema deserves recognition and respect for the job well done.

UPDATE: And as if by magic... they come again. And again...