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B2Gold ( (BTG): Count IKN as a defender of Clive Johnson and his team (from IKN305)

Stop the stupid, people. 

There's way too much ignorance floating around about B2Gold ( (BTG) and its decision to take a big fat impairment/write-down/write-off/call-it-whatever-you-want-you-freakin'-hack on its Masbate mine last week, 360° all round bullshit coming from the keystrokes of dumbasses who obviously Do. Not. Understand. what they're looking at in a set of financials. Repeat; obviously.

Your humble scribe did this long piece about BTO for yesterday's edition of the weekly, on the back of its 4q14 numbers and those asset impairments now getting all the dumbass headlines. There were good things in the BTO numbers, there were indifferent things and for sure there were negative things too, we chewed them all over but when it came to the part that's getting all the attention in the financial moron-o-sphere today, here's what was written (screenshot, grammar mistake and everything):