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Barrick (ABX) reports its 1q15, IKN has its own angle

"In order to be successful, one must project 
an image of success at all times."
Buddy Kane, American Beauty, 1999

This evening Barrick (ABX) reported its 1q15 and the mining anal yst world is currently poring over all the numbers (fwiw ABX missed by a bit but it's merely a mediocre quarter, not outright bad this time). You're bound to get the results cut and sliced in a dozen different ways over the next 24 hours by every single house imaginable so rather than beat on the same boring cookie-cutter drum, this humble corner of cyberspace has decided to highlight something that was blaringly conspicuous by its absence this time around:

Seems like that nice Buddy Kane John Thornton doesn't like talking about the (white) elephant in the room any more, not like that Mister Jamie did.  Complete mystery as to why that might be.