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The problem with Rob McEwen's NR today: He's making shit up

Basic rule of life (not just corpcoms): When in hole, stop digging.

Here's what Robbie Mac wants you to believe:

 During the interview, I was asked: 'Is it a dangerous part of Mexico (at our mine site)?'"I answered: 'It hasn't been. I mean the cartels are active down there. Generally we have a good relationship with them.'"My answer was related to gaining access to properties we wish to explore (continues).
But here's what really happened in the Q&A with BNN  (for the record, this from IKN309 out to subscribers yesterday, because for the edition I made a point of getting what was said down on transcript):

Andrew Bell: "Is it a dangerous part of Mexico where you are?"
Rob McEwen: "It hasn't been, I mean the cartels are active down there. Generally we've had a good relationship with them! If you want to go towards somewhere you ask them and they tell you, "No", but then they'll say, "come back in a couple of weeks when we've finished what we're doing..."
AB: "What are they doing, transporting drugs or something?"
RM: "Oh they might be harvesting them!"

In short, Robbie Mac wants us to believe he was referring to "property owners" and "impacted community members" in order that McEwen Mining (MUX) ( be the "good neighbour". When in fact he knew exactly what Andrew Bell was referring to and went on to talk specifically about cartels and their activities. So add bullshitter to the list of shame.