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A poll on U2

Most discerning music fans understand that Irish rock band U2 were important, relevant and brought something new and different to the table back in the day, but they now suck. The question however, is when did Bono and his pals turn from edgy (geddit) leaders of music and political opinion to unimportant musically irrelevant tax-dodging cashers-in of modern celebrity society? 

It came up again over the weekend (not the first time Iwnattos and I have chewed it over) therefore the poll you see above, here on the blog, that will be open until Friday 22nd May max (though I'll probably close it sooner). You get one vote, use it wisely. 

Here's a print-out of it for those of you on the daily mailer seeing this Monday, you need to come to the blog main page to vote, people.