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A quick Tia Maria update

Yesterday Sunday, the national government under the direction of the Head of State and her husband, Ollanta Humala, sent in a reported 1,000 troops (out of a total of 2,000 that may eventually be deployed) to calm the waters in the Tambo Valley, location of the contentious Tia Maria project. This Monday afternoon locals and police clashed again, stones flying, tear gas, the whole nine yards. Plus there's now a three day strike in the entire Arequipa region set to start tomorrow Tuesday to protest against the project. So, that's Humala for you.

And for what it's worth, this photo was taken back in 2011, the last time locals were out protesting the project (and got it suspended). And the nice lady in the circle? That's Ana María Solórzano, who last year was elected head of the National Congress.

What part of "Not. Gonna. Happen." do you not understand?