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Argentina's presidential election campaign finally getting interesting

Up to now it's been nicey nicey, but finally this afternoon we got something interesting to talk about from Argentina's presidential election campaign, as we head towards the main vote day in October. That's because the candidate for the governor of Buenos Aires province for Sergio Massa's Frente Renovador party, Franscisco De Narvaez, who decided to stroll into the offices of the media outlet Nova in the city of La Plata (South of Buenos Aires city) and punch a reporter in the face. The one punch came without any sort of warning and knocked the journalist, Mario Casalongue, unconscious (nice shot). The reason is apparently a report published that day by Nova about De Narvaez. 

The candidate for governor then apparently kicked him a couple of times while he was on the floor and then got his bodyguard to take photos of the reporter as he lay on the ground, while shouting at the others present "don't mess with me".

He seems nice.

PS: Here's the Agencia Nova website. No prizes for guessing its top story this evening