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Canaccord on Belo Sun ( today. And yesterday.

IKN notes that The Can of Corn has today upped its target to 80c on Belo Sun ( due to the move made by Agnico Eagle (AEM) on the stock last night (difficult not to note it after being sent the analysis four times in the space of an hour). Here's a chunk of the prose from the PDF that sums it up:
Valuation and Risks
In valuing Belo Sun, we use forward curve pricing and discounted cash flow analysis
discounted at a project WACC of 8.6%. In our Base Case, on a fully funded basis, we see
814M shares outstanding, generating a project NAVPS of $0.31 and a corporate NAVPS
of $0.76. Applying a 1.0x P/NAV multiple generates a target NAVPS of $0.76 supporting
a rounded target price of C$0.80, increased from $0.70. The 264% projected return 
continues to support a SPECULATIVE BUY rating. We highlight Belo Sun’s reliance on
capital markets and the ability to permit Volta Grande as key risks to our valuation and

We therefore note just how good this house is on BSX by pointing you in the direction of Canaccord's previous coverage on this stock. Let's just say that their recommendations have been less than optimum so far.