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Canadian capital markets quiz question (answer at the bottom)

Question: What do the following companies (presented in alphabetical order) have in common?

Advanced Explorations Inc.
Alhambra Resources Ltd.
American Natural Energy Corporation
American Oil & Gas Inc.
Angus Mining Inc.
Aqua-Pure Ventures Inc.
Birch Lake Energy Inc.
Blue Zen Memorial Parks Inc.
Brigadier Gold Limited
Cadan Resources Corporation
CanAm Coal Corp.
Changfeng Energy Inc.
Charlotte Resources Ltd.
Copper Point Mining Corp.
Cosigo Resources Ltd.
Crimson Bioenergy Ltd.
Cygam Energy Inc.
Dealnet Capital Corp.
Desmarais Energy Corporation
Ditem Explorations Inc.
DOT Resources Ltd.
Enssolutions Group Inc.
Fletcher Nickel Inc.
Geovic Mining Corp.
Global Key Investment Limited
Goldex Resources Corporation
Hudson River Minerals Ltd.
Hunter Bay Minerals plc
Immunall Science Inc.
International Millennium Mining Corp.
Jaguar Resources Inc.
Jetcom Inc.
Josephine Mining Corp.
Leader Energy Services Ltd.
Lovitt Resources Inc.
Matrix Asset Management Inc.
ME Resource Corp.
Microplanet Technology Corp.
Mobi724 Global Solutions Inc.
Nextraction Energy Corp.
Noble Iron Inc
NX Phase Capital Inc.
Pacific Bay Minerals Ltd.
Palliser Oil & Gas Corporation
Phoenix Metals Corporation
Pivot Pharmaceuticals Inc. 
Premium Exploration Inc.
QSolar Limited
Quattro Exploration and Production Ltd.
RB Energy Inc
Redwater Energy Corp.
Regent Ventures Ltd.
Rosehearty Energy Inc.
Sendero Mining Corp
Silcom Systems Inc.
Stealth Ventures Inc
Stealth Ventures Ltd.
Stratabound Minerals Corp.
SweetrLife Technologies Inc.
Titus Energy Corp.
TrinCan Capital Corp.
Victory Mountain Ventures Ltd.
Winchester Minerals and Gold Exploration Ltd.
Xemplar Energy Corp.
Zone Resources Inc.

Answer: They've all had a Cease Trade Order (CTO) imposed on them by the BCSC in the last ten days. Overall, I'd say that's a pretty good sign.