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Chart of the day is...

...the gold/silver ratio:

Approaching 70X again, which has been a serious sticking point for the metal these last few quarters. And on the subject of this ratio and quarters, there were plenty of guffaws and chuckles when Silvercrest (SVLC) ( told the world yesterday that it was using a 66.7/1 ratio between silver and gold for its 1q15 filings. You see where the real ratio is between Jan 1st and March 31st on that chart? You see where 66.7 to one is compared to SVL's fantasy? And this is from a company that (despite its name) receives more of its revenues from gold than from silver. Why can't these people just be honest? Why do they have to associate themselves with these bullshit little lies? Haven't they learned anything this last couple of years? Don't they know that we're bored stupid with mining bullshitters and will find any excuse NOT to invest in their marginal self-serving companies?

Humbug, grrr etc. Okay, rant over. Have a pleasant day.