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Has First Mining Finance (FF.v) fired Daniel Ameduri of Future Money Trends yet?

In the First Mining Finance (FF.v) pump job run on April 6th 2015 by Future Money Trends (FMT), one of those hardcore goldbug conspiracy theory websites created by and for the mouthbreather end of the precious metals universe, Daniel Ameduri gave his idiot tribe the full breathlessly purple prose. It started...
"You are literally reading this before a single share has been traded; FF trading on the TSX-Venture exchange will have its first day of trading today. I honestly think early investors may be looking at a double or triple in the next few weeks!"
...and you can read the whole pump job here (it's a good old laugh). Then, only after IKN (via its weekly publication dated April 12th) had pointed out to the world that First Mining Finance (FF.v) was actually dumb enough to pay for this bunkum, did FF.v own up to its contract with Ameduri in this NR dated April 13th:
"...the Company has engaged Future Money Trends, LLC ("FMT") to provide certain financial publishing and digital marketing services. In exchange for providing these services, FMT will receive an initial fee of US$30,000 and a monthly fee of US$7,000. The agreement with FMT is for a one year term and the Company has the right to cancel the agreement at any time. The Company has also agreed to issue FMT 100,000 incentive stock options in the fourth month of the term of the agreement."
So, let's see how things are getting on for this wonderful PR relationship:

From 50c to 37c in six weeks, another win for freedom over fiat currency.

Y'know, you have to wonder who's the most stupid out of the three: I don't think it's Ameduri, because he has his little scheme to fleece idiots and he does it on both sides. As for the goldbug mouthbreather audience, they're probably just a bunch of naive tyros who'll either wake up and smell the coffee one day or remain fodder for market scamsters all their lives. So on due consideration the dumbest out of the lot here must be Keith Neumeyer, head honcho of FF.v, who's actually paying good corporate cash for this utter bullshit.

We note that FF.v claims it can stop paying this fool $7k a month at any time. Also, they only have to giftwrap 100k in options to him (thereby diluting the share base) if they continue with the deal after month four comes around. Therefore the question: Is FF.v going to be stupid with its treasury any longer, or will it show a little sense and save its cash for more important things? Like real PR.