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Marin Katusa laid bare

For those of you considering the potential benefits of subscribing to Marin Katusa's new "Katusa Research" vehicle*, please consider the principle reason he's not staying with Casey Research. When Frank Porter Stansberry and Doug Casey agreed to merge their companies (Stansberry majority owner, Casey now minority), one of the Stansberry stipulations on the deal is that analysts at his shop cannot own or trade the stocks they cover. That's been a house rule at Stansberry Research ever since he was whacked by the SEC and that's fair enough.

All the Casey people agreed to that, all except Marin Katusa. That's because he's still addicted to buying positions quietly and then selling his own shares for blackhat profits just after he pumps them to his sheep-like subscribers. He could get away with his scumbag ways at Casey, but no longer. Therefore he's decided to set up on his own.

UPDATE: And good morning to the sycophants at and their illustrious chief ass-licker Tommy Humphreys, a person who is very much part of the problem, not the solution.

*No, not linking to the scumbag, he gets no free publicity from IKN, if you care enough find it on the googlymachine