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Chart of the day is...

...silver in the last week and a bit. On June 1st Keith Neumeyer of First Majestic (AG) ( got bored with doing his job and worrying about things like improving operations, cutting costs, growing his company etc etc and decided to send a letter to the CFTC to complain that people are apparently speculating on silver in the market.
This of course only ever happens to silver. And is only happening now. It has never happened to any other metal or traded commodity in the history of futures markets.
Anyway, Neumeyer must have really scared 'em because as soon as the light was shone on (and we quote) "such massive speculation in COMEX futures" those naughty shorties quickly packed their bags and ran away, allowing silver to float back up towards its true 15-to-1 implicit price of $100/oz:

Or something.