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Checking in on Keith Neumeyer's market whistleblowing mastery and world domination stuff and things

Indeed those 1% or the 1% Illuminati World Master Of Silver trembled with abject fear at the beginning of the fair month of June when Keith Neumeyer of First Majestic Silver (AG)  sent a letter to the CFTC to complain that people with mere money are guilty of silver speculation. I mean, how dare they? Imagine a capital market trying to set the price of a commodity merely by its own weight of money...unheard of. As we pointed out a couple of weeks ago...
This of course only ever happens to silver. And is only happening now. It has never happened to any other metal or traded commodity in the history of futures markets.
And they say irony doesn't work well on the internet. Oh how we laughed. Dryly, of course. Anyway, here's silver's progress since then, sat next to gold, the S&P, and even the junior miners using GDXJ.

Hey Keith! Winning!