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Dirty Gold: Chasing the trace of the London Bullion Market

One helluva good piece of English language investigative reporting from Ojo Publico, right here on this link. Here's how it starts:
A team of OjoPúblico toured camps of illegal mining production in Huepetuhe and La Pampa, the largest area of deforestation in Peru; it also sailed the Madre de Dios, Beni and Madeira rivers in search of Bolivian and Brazilian dredges; the team reached the mines in the mountains of the Cordillera del Condor, near the border between Peru and Ecuador, and traveled to the depths of Caqueta and Amazonas regions dominated by the FARC and drug trafficking in the jungle of Colombia. This excursion to the centers of the gold rush in five countries allowed us to identify companies from US, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates that financed the removal of tons of illegally obtained gold in South America.