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IKN's two drachmas on Greece

A short segment from yesterday's intro to IKN320:

From the outside looking in (my viewpoint South of the Equator is as close to detached as they come in capitalist terms) I see Greece and Syriza playing a very big game of chicken with ECB/Troika/IMF. And Syriza is playing it well too, the snap call for a referendum is populist yes, it's cheap yes, it's a handing off of responsibility when the Euro exit hammer comes down yes, but it's also a reasonably astute chessmove that must have shaken its opposites hard. You have to wonder just how much Merkel, to name but one, is prepared to gamble (because it's now just that, it's very very high stakes gambling) on Greece today. And I repeat, the big gamble isn't whether Greece goes through a couple of tough years because that's a given whatever happens in the days ahead, austerity pill or Drachma pill. The big one is whether Greece follows the pattern of Argentina and Iceland and emerges economically robust and dynamic after a modest rough seas period. Whatever course be taken, Greece does not die tomorrow, nor next week. That's also true for the Euro tomorrow and next week. The acid test, the Euro and its potential to unravel, will be the economic progress of Greece if it's allowed to leave the Eurozone because the second any other Southern Eurozone member starts to feel jealous of Greece's lot, the game is over.