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Rob McEwen starts paying himself at McEwen Mining (MUX) (

Rob McEwen has always had this trumpety rah rah thing on two facts about his running of McEwen Mining:
1) He draws no salary

2) He owns 25% of the company's shares.
So with Rob McEwen's MUX's decision today to start paying a one cent per share annual cash dividend to Rob McEwen shareholders, and with Rob McEwen currently owning 74,718,564 shares, Rob McEwen has de facto decided to pay Rob McEwen 747.2k per annum*

By the way, I put the name Rob McEwen in this post a lot because that way he'll read it, too. He likes reading his name.

*pre tax of course, and we know those shares he owns through 2190303 Ontario Inc will pay all their tax.