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Sometimes it's what's not in the news which is more interesting

May 8th 2015, after a series of several public announcements by Frank Giustra, IKN ran a post entitled "Some non-sarcastic, serious, sincere advice for Frank Giustra" which began:

Frank dude, whoever's running your personal PR, sack them now. Whoever told you it was a bright idea to put out a press release is an idiot, whoever got you to agree to a Q&A with the NatPost guy is a moron. Stop talking to the press about being annoyed over your links to the Clintons. It doesn't matter if they're totally true, totally false or somewhere in between. It doesn't matter how innocent you think you are, or how wonderful, or how successful, just STFU and stay that way
It continued with sage advice, too. And it's probably just coincidence (innit guv) but from then until now we haven't heard a whisper from Giustra. We've gone from two weeks of Frank's name everywhere to six weeks of total radio silence.

Y'know, I might be wasted in this blogging lark. Waddya say, Tommy? Your master ready for a new PR dude? How much does he pay, anyway?