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The Friday OT: Garbage; Stupid Girl

A few weeks ago we featured Goldfrapp and Strict Machine as a Friday OT and I was left wondering about the sound. Yes Marc Bolan and yes Donna Summer/Giorgio Moroder, those taken as read, but the dirty sound is infectiously likeable, too. So I was, "Where did this come fr...ah, of course, Butch Vig". Yup, it's this Garbage breakthrough track from 1996 that marked out the dirty sound.

And so, like you do, you go check the old song out to see how the years have treated it. The answer is well, so it's today's Friday OT:

And gotta love Shirley Manson. No compromise, no flimflam, no messing around, straight-up kickass singer. Success is hers, but she's still highly underrated as an artist.