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To repeat a theme, I know how to make IKN a lot more popular than it is and this tack is one of the most obvious. You pick up on the all-star big name interview segments, fluff and curate a bit, make your site known as a place to get the views of the Legends in the mining world, sit back and watch the clicks roll in. Sadly it's never going to happen, for that type of malarkey you need to go over to the websites and blogs run by people who are stupid enough to want fame. Well, not entirely true of course, it will happen on occasion as last weekend's popular Brent Cook post shows, but I'm not in it for the sycophantics so this blog is boring when I'm boring (often), snarky when I'm snarky (ditto) and will save itself for the occasional nugget that's different from the rest (rare). And it will remain firmly backwater bloggery.