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The Muck Pile, a useful blog for junior mining investors to follow

Just to show that I read my mail occasionally, this morning the owner of this blog, The Muck Pile (the Yukon Prospector's Association blog), sends me over the link and invites me to check it out.

It's pretty good. What you get is a curation point of news and views about the junior mining scene, not just Yukon, lots of links, with an emphasis on the trading and stock side of the business. It's the type of blog that's good for a quick one-stop to see what's being said and what's going on in the sector. I've just stuck it on my RSS (oh feedly how i've grown to love you) and it's now being recommended to you out there, dear and kind IKN readership, as a decent place for information.

Go check out The Muck Pile on this link. Worth your time if you're into the sector.