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The short thing about Nevada Copper ( in IKN318 last Sunday plus The Doors in 1970

This was two days ago, it's down even more now.

Nevada Copper ( No amount of hype can save a marginal project. Since the Nevada Copper ( feasibility study NR came out on May 28th, the change in price trend has been as abrupt as it is obvious on that 2015 year-to-date chart. We've also had NCU's management team aggressively marketing the project in both Toronto and New York in the post-NR period, so the reception for the message among professionals is clear; not buying.

I'm aware that Pumpkin Hollow is "one of the last big copper projects not in the hands of a major" or whatever other line they use to sell the thing. Well folks, perhaps one day it'll dawn on people just why no major has bought it in the years it's been shopped around. Or perhaps that fact is finally dawning on people this month. It's about time it did.

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