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A better class of gold bug

Gary T over at Biiwii does what I can't be bothered to do and replies to Ritholtz's gold baiting piece of yesterday. The other thing with Gary is that he does it much better than I could have done. Excerpt:
"I am a gold bug.  I saw the “improvement of the U.S. economy” when it was appropriate to see it, ahead of time.  When you obsess on the other kind of gold bug, the media star with the Armageddon-like predictions and inflammatory ‘analysis’ or Kool-Aid drinking hate mailers, you do a disservice to your readership because you only present the other side of something that is not real to begin with.  You in essence stand up a Straw Man and periodically set fire to him, really to no one’s benefit."

Whole thing here.

PS: And this, 42 minutes of summer music perfection.