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Avrupa Minerals (AVU.v) selling sizzle, not steak

Man the pumps! There's work to do!

Remember that three card trick Avrupa Minerals (AVU.v) pulled on the market in December? When they released its first drill result at the Slivovo Gossan target and got the "easily influenced" buying up their stock on dreams of "80m to 90m Au + sulphide mineralization" (here's the graphic they BSsed you all with that day)....

a work of pure fiction

...only for things to become...errr...slightly less optimistic as later results from the property came in (geologists call it "learning more about the controls" because they're so cute). Read about that here or get the latest "interpretation" from the company right here. What's also interesting is how AVU that day managed to sucker in a lot of big sector names into either reco'ing the stock to their flocks or buying chunks of stock themselves. Or both. I won't embarrass by naming names here, because I quite like a few of the people who were hoodwinked by their BS pump (and I'm biased, but I definitely wasn't one of them). However, to cut a long story short we can get a really good handle on how that event played out just by looking at the 12 month price chart that shows the pump period and then what happened once cruel reality reared its ugly head:

The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul, writ large.

That was then and this is now and the big question is what to do, if you're AVU.v and want to keep paying yourself salary cheques and running your interpretive exploration campaign? The answer is to sell out to the bullshit pumpers and get them all on your side, which means Palisade Capital (those guys in Belize who run the mining pump radio show), Dig Media (purveyors of pump for years) and Bob Moriarty of 321Gold are all on board with the latest round of the placement, stocking up on the 10c shares with their full warrant kicker at 15c. But alongside those public purveyors of bovine excrement we now also see AVU playing with such backroom guys as Concept Capital Management and Golden Capital Consulting Ltd (both domiciled in The Marshall Islands...which is perfectly legit, innit guv) who make their living by "formulating capital markets strategic plans in Europe". Yes, before you ask, that's bizcode for "pump jobs on the Frankfurt exchange". By the way Concept Capital Mgmt is a particularly nefarious house of financial nastiness, the real classic sell-your-grandmother types.

And AVU, a company that runs pump jobs on its drill results, has just willingly got in bed with all those guys via this latest placement and of course the new holders all paid full cash for those shares....none given away for free in return for services, of course of course of course how cynical of you to think otherwise. Because as those guys have proven, time after time, there's no need to have a decent deposit to be able to get a stock to move up. All you need are a layer of suckers waiting to hear the right message at the right time and then react in correct Pavlovian style.

On your way out the house this morning, check the bathroom mirror.