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Colombia: A court suspension of Decree 2691

Yesterday, a high-ranking court in Colombia placed a provisional suspension on "Decreto 2691", the decree the national government tried to sneak onto the statute at Christmas last year that took away a local or municipal government's right of decision on the use of land destined for mining activity and placed it with the national government.

Want that in English?

1) Colombia's mining industry was getting pretty fed up with the way local governments would block projects from going ahead.
2) The national government tried to pass a law on December 23rd last year to say they couldn't do it any more by stopping the change of land use.
3) The courts have just said that what the Santos national government tried to push through (while nobody was looking) is inconstitutional and they can't do it.

Oh dear.

But hey, don't worry about niceties like law or rules, just believe whatever dumb freakin' pump your sellside Canadian moron analysts throw at you about the latest Colombian slam dunk junior.