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Lake Shore Gold ( 2q15 cash costs

Following on form its production NR last week, Lake Shore Gold (LSG) ( gave us its cash costs reading for the 2q15 period this morning. Here's a chart:

Note that this is in Canadian dollars, not the U$ used (to make things look smaller) by Makuch&Co in the NR today. We use the same conversion rate as the company. And by the way, we're sticking to Loonies to report LSG numbers because that's what they do; they work in Canada, costs are Canadian, they report their quarters in Canadian Dollars...therefore so should we.

Bottom line: A little more expensive, but still more than reasonable and when you compare that latest column against the CAD$1,470/oz it received for each ounce produced, it's in good corporate shape. So, now just waiting for Chuck Jeannes to get on and do the obvious.