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The top three most visited IKN posts this week are..., reverse order:

Third Place: "Breaking news: Amazon Deep Resources (AZD.v) discovers lost city of El Dorado", which was a made-up spoof on a company that doesn't exist in order to make commentary on the state of market sentiment for precious metals mining companies. Bizarrely, after a couple of days I noticed people arriving on the blog after putting "Amazon Deep Resources" into Google.

Second Place: "Eleven miners shot dead in San Dimas, Mexico". This is the kind of post that gets hits on the day of publication and keeps getting them in the days afterwards, because (for their own sweet and stupid reasons) mainstream English language media doesn't tend to pick up on narcoterrorism stories as much when there isn't a gringo connection. Just imagine the difference if the eleven dead and five injured worked at the nearby Primero Mining San Dimas mine instead of the Mexican-owned private company.

First Place: "Barrick (ABX) to sell Zaldivar to China Moly". Zero surprise, this one only went up yesterday morning but got hit on by all the funds and instos looking for the news (again, I'm fully aware IKN could become "a thing" if we did majors and larger-caps only, but I don't care). It's the type of intel that gets passed around desks but nobody ever puts it into print. Well, we do. And for what it's worth, the source on this is solid. Expect an announcement around the Q2 financial publishing time.

And a quick note; I've come to like putting this early Saturday morning "most visited" thing together, so as from today it's getting expanded to cover the top three of the week instead of the singlemost. So there.