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There may be a lesson here

I stopped reading Gwen "Resource Maven" Preston and unsubbed from her (at that point free, dunno these days) letter not long after her article in November 2014 in which she wrote that the bottom was definitely, certainly, absolutely in for gold and gold equities. I did so not because the forecast would eventually turn out to be true or false (today's U$1,129/oz gold proves it was a bad call) but because of its absolute assertion. It's the stuff that fools are made of and there are better things to read than this type of guff and nonsense. I moved on.

So as I looked back today to find the quote, instead I stumbled upon this February 2015 article in The Gold Report, a Q&A with Ms. Preston. It had the keyword quote (which is why the googlymachine took me there) but it also had a whole bunch of  her stock picks, too. IAMGOLD (IAG) (, the Ross Beaty plays KAM.v and (with of course the "broken slot machine" phrase thrown in there, newsletter de rigueur), the Mark O'Dea vehicles Pilot Gold ( because of its tight share structure (oh dear) plus True Gold (TGM.v), Pure Gold (PGM.v), then whole bunch of other junior picks. Now I don't know whether she's called sell on any of those in the meantime, you'd have to ask her, but a more obvious example of cookie-cutter  mining picks and coat-tailing on others is difficult to find. And if you want to see how those names have got on in the meantime go check their charts, I'm not going to embarrass with visuals.

But that's not why this post exists, this got written today in the anticipation that Gwen Resource Maven Preston publishes how she was definitely, certainly, absolutely wrong about her forecast that the bottom was definitely, certainly, absolutely in for gold and gold equities. And that maybe, next time, she might not be as strident about her language because the markets have a tendency of making fools of us all, not just the neophytes.