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According to my inbox, you want more opinion on Daryl Hodges of Minera IRL (MIRL.L( (

...but seriously folks, if you haven't understood that my opinion is that he's a liar and a thief by reading articles such as this one and this one in the last couple weeks, what's the point here?

There will be more and there's a lot more to uncover about this most unsavoury of characters, but to give you just an idea, consider how he frames himself as the saviour of the freakin' world in the Mine Site article out yesterday (which is, by the way, sponsored and paid for by Minera IRL so if you think that's journalism take another toke of your doobie) and how we get the all-innocent "oh we don't know why the community is upset" stupidity from the lips of this abject liar, e.g "...all this seems to have rubbed the community up the wrong way. Precisely how still isn’t clear." Then compare it to the very clear and precise message given directly to Hodges by the community of Ollachea.

Playing dumb is part of the act chez Hodges. 

If you choose to believe that a company which worked for eight years to get community agreements and financing for its project (the latter over 18 months and unconnected to Hodges until the very end, when he strolled in signed the paper and picked up $100,000 cash bonus for doing basically nothing) and succeeded on all fronts under very difficult circumstances is the one that's badly organized, but the person who within six months has ruined everything is the one that's going to save IRL, I have a bridge to sell you. 

The day Hodges is thrown in jail for what he's done in Peru will be a fine day for the mining sector.