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Chart of the day is..., the recent moves, because for my taste the price has held up better than expected at over U$1,100:

In fact, in my tiny little delusion of a world I've been drawing a line in the sand at the four ones, U$1,111/oz, all week. Even that's held. Yeah I know the cheerleaders want it at $1,200/oz by next week with that just a stepping stone to its true destiny of Savour Of The Financial World and all that, but at this humble corner of cyberspace we're shackled by realeconomik. The reality is, if you're looking for a gold recovery this above is a decent start. 

And if you've been loudly predicting the demise of the pet rock metal, unless you're particularly stupid chances are you're beginning to feel more than a little uncomfortable with your arrogance.

Enjoy Friday.